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Itel 1556 plus power and hanging problem

Itel 1556 plus power and hanging problem itel phone is an SPD microchip phone. Though the phone is durable but the phone hardware problem cannot easily be differentiated with software problem.

Like itel A11, A12 which hangs on logo itel 1556 plus is known of brick either through flashing or hardware repair. We always bring many solutions to you including going deep to test what may not be solvable by other technicians.

The complete solution to itel 1556/1556 plus power problem. This particular phone always has the issue of dead or not coming on.

1. Disassemble the phone completely, the phone has small sim /sd cover, back cover before battery.

2. Find a hot soldering iron and desolder the battery terminal, be careful with the battery terminal be careful to avoid battery explosion.

3. Check all the flex and clip terminal for water or liquid damage .

4. The battery terminal configures starts from positive to negative configuration , so ensure you use the correct terminal to avoid phone damage.

5. Use working battery to test the phone if the battery is okay then check the power flex.

6. Look at the panel, close to charging flex/speaker flex clip head locate VBus, see imaging below, tap wire from charger port positive to this points to this point.

Itel 1556 power Solution

7. Plug USB charger with battery connected and and see if it will charge.

It everything have been tested and not working,then flash the phone.

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