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How to perform Hard Reset on Kyocera Android Phone.


Kyocera Android Hard Reset

Kyocera is android phone popularly used in Russia: Russia is known for security so Kyocera Android has no hand Reset.we must find a way to reset Kyocera.

1. Charge the phone to about 80%.

2. Download and install ADB software and  drivers

3. Put the phone in Fastboot mode follow this order

  • Press volume up+ with
  • Return button with
  • Home   keys with
  • Power keys timed
  • For exactly 4  second

It  will  show  Red light and logo then it is in fastboot mode.

Connect  the  phone to computer and allow it install drivers when it pop up .
After driver installation follow below instructions to format the phone  with fast book command  (Fastboot CMD) 

To Hard Reset Kyocera Type this following commands followed by enter:

  1. Fastboot device,press enter
  2. Fastboot erase cache, press  enter
  3. Fastboot erase user data, press  enter.
  4. Fastboot -w, press  enter.
  5. Fastboot reboot, press enter.

Allow  the  phone to boot  after  some  times,
Remember  that each command  takes  time to execute.If  you type each line and press enter wait for seconds to finish before you type another line of C.M.D(command) prompt.
This hard rest Method has been tested in Kyocera Android E6560, E6572, C6965 etc.

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