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Samsung Galaxy S6 binary blocked FRP locked and stuck on Odin flashing.

Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 edge Odin flashing
Stuck at NAND' stands
Stuck of setupConnection  

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge stuck on flashing

Being block frp locked.

Do you have a Samsung phone that stuck on being block FRP stuck of it nand write starts or setup connection?

How to flash a Samsung that stuck on setup connection or NAND start in

1. charge the phone to about 80%.

2. Hold volume down, home button and power button together. Release the power button when the phone vibrates. Continue holding volume + and home until the phone shows blue screen of download mode.Tab volume up to enter downloading mode.

3. Look at the writing information on top left -to know the phone details e.g

Official sm_ G920p,
frp locked
Rev1 B4 k3

4. This information tells you the exact file (ROM) needed to flash the phone. G920p
Represent the phone. I have already written on how to download file according to Rev, B and k Samsung details.

5. Go to here and here and download the latest firmware of the Samsung you want to flash. Latest firmware is different from upgrading firmware, (like from 8.1 to 9.0).

6. Checking the phone information, turn it off by holding volume down, home + power for some seconds, continue charging the phone.

7. Download and install kies software, Samsung modem and USB Drivers: After kies install, you can uninstall it but leave the drivers.

8. If you have downloaded the firmware and install drivers, Download Odin (latest version) depends on the firmware android version.

9. Connect phone in download mode to PC with cable , open Odin and load the rom accordingly, check details here.

10. After each file selection, it takes time to load on the Odin software. Always leave it for some seconds to load finish.

11. Most times Odin will get stocked with file firmware loading, check your USB Cable, Samsung drivers or change to another PC entirely.

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