Phone Hardware Repairs Course

 Learn how to Fix Screen damage

Will Learn how to trace bad ic and replace it.

Learn how to Fix Battery issues

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Learn how to Fix Charging problems

Learn how to Fix Camera malfunctions

Learn how to Fix Audio problems

Student will know how to repair Button or switch failures

Student will know how to repair Overheating

Student will know how to repair Connectivity problems

Learn how to fix Slow performance: Over time, iPhones may experience sluggishness or slow performance. 

Learn how to fix Battery drain: If your iPhone's battery drains quickly 

Learn how to fix Connectivity problems: Issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular connectivity. 

Learn how to fix Touchscreen unresponsiveness: Occasionally, iPhone screens may become unresponsive or have delayed touch responses. 

How to solve other Software issues in android phones.

How to fix dm verify error on android phone.

How to repair Unfortunately android has stopped on android phone without flashing. 

How to repair Not Enough Memory on android phone. Etc.

how to use Rework Station

How to flash phone from different locations and sharing of files.

How to use USB redirector, 

How to configure VPN Teamviewer,

How to transfer files from one phone to another without physical contact. 

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