iPhone Software Repair Course

How to read phone information.

Prepare your PC and phones for flashing.

Download phone drivers.

How to Detect iPhone IPSW.

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How to Download iPhone iOS external.

Learn how to install iTunes for iPhone, iPod and iPad flashing.

How to use iTunes in iPhone Flashing.

How to Fix 3uTools 20% ERROR: Unable to Restore iDevice (-1)

How to flash an iPhone using RAMDISK.

How to fix iTunes ERRORS why flashing iPhones.

How to flash with or without iTunes.

How to Fix Error Unable to Request SHSH on 3uTools when Flash iPhone
How to flash an Restore an iPhone.

How to use iTunes in iPhone Flashing.

How to use Other Software in iPhone Flashing.

How to maintain computer used in flashing phone.

How to use Windows 7, windows 8, and windows 10 in flashing phones.

Learn how to fix App crashes or freezes: Some apps may crash or freeze unexpectedly, preventing you from using them properly.

Learn how to fix Slow performance: Over time, iPhones may experience sluggishness or slow performance.

Learn how to fix Battery drain: If your iPhone's battery drains quickly

Learn how to fix Connectivity problems: Issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular connectivity.

Learn how to fix Touchscreen unresponsiveness: Occasionally, iPhone screens may become unresponsive or have delayed touch responses.

Learn how to fix Update/installation failures: Users may encounter problems when updating their iPhone's software or installing new apps.

Learn how to fix Random restarts or crashes: iPhones occasionally experience unexpected restarts or crashes, which can disrupt your usage and potentially lead to data loss.

Learn how to fix Data loss or corruption: Although relatively rare, software-related issues can sometimes result in data loss or corruption on an iPhone.

How to repair Not Enough Memory on iPhone phone. Etc.

How to flash phone from different locations and sharing of files.

How to use USB redirector,
How to configure VPN Teamviewer,

iPhone, iPod, iPad remote Network Unlock.

iPhone, iPod, iPad remote iCloud Unlock.

How to transfer firmware from one pc to another without physical contact.

Students will be certified on iPhone Software Repairs.

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