Create and Reskin Mobile Apps


You will learn the best way to select Android studio versions you need as a Mobile App Developer.

The learner will learn how to install an Android studio with Emulator and the best approach to use.

The Android Apps Reskin Development Course: A Detail Approach breaks these followings:-

 -How to name an Android project app. 

-How to use Android Virtual Device Emulator to test your project app.

-How to add gradient Radius and color in the project app.

-How to compile and run your project app for testing purposes.

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-How to create a background image, multiple button app, to design Top Toolbar.

You will learn how to Reskin a video chat app, connect it to the background server, test the app on an emulator, and update it.

Modify and Reskin a clone Xender, import the Xender/ShareIt into Android studio, test Emulator. Change, resize, and compress the app images. Change the description and package name run the final test on Emulator.

The course demonstrated:- how to Reskin SnapChat, import, rebuild dependencies, rename the package name, integrate the app with firebase, authenticate the firebase login run the final test on AVD Emulator.

The course makes it easy for you to understand:- How to Reskin a Mobile app, with an admin panel - integrate the admin code with a server (backend) connect the app with the admin dashboard. Import admin panel (project panel) into Android Studio. Update the admin panel and edit items on the dashboard.

Students will learn how to convert websites to the android app.

This course gives a student the basic understanding of being a Mobile App Developer and Reskin Android Studio project codes. This course is taught by a professional who not only has experience but has developed several mobile applications.

The course demonstrates how to create a blogger website from scratch and use the API to convert the website to a responsive android app.

Students will learn to create a login backend page for mobile apps.

Students will understand how to create the most common everyday app called currency converter. The knowledge of currency converter will demonstrate how to create other similar apps like Love Calculator etc.

This course also demonstrates how to create, modify, and Reskin an app called Picture-in-Picture

The course discusses in detail how to create VPN, FCM, and Reskin Music App.

Students will learn how to use Git, Github, and apply Flutter in The knowledge acquired in this course will enable students to use Android Studio to create both android and iOS apps.

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