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Samsung Galaxy S9 plus Manual Update

Samsung S9 Manual Update

It may sound funny but time that some Samsung ,especially from service provider cannot update through phone(OTA).

Are you surprised when you open software update in your Samsung and see that the last update is 2018.

Mine shows
Android version
Samsung experience version
& 9.0
So the android version is 8.0 and the phone is saying that is running with latest update.
Now lets upgrade our Samsung to android version 10.0 ,How?.. It will work.
Reset Samsung s9+ and check update.

Method one

1. Charge your phone to about 80%.
2. Power off the phone and allow it for some times.
3. Press and hold volume up + bixby buttons together ,then press power button.
4. Once the phone powers and shows Samsung logo,lets go power button and continue hold bixby + volume.
5. Once the phone shows blue screen and installing updates and allows to enter recovery mode.
6. Use vol.+ or vol.- to highlight, and power button to select wipe data.
7. Once the phone resets/format finish,give some time to boot.& when it boots,connect to wifi and check if the phone will update automatically.others check step 2 .

Method Two
1. Flash officially or custom ROM.

Check this image to see your phone details .
Here, I have SM-G965USQ, US =USA.
So i will download USA Samsung S9+ ROM|firm ware. Go to here and type SM G965U and choose the firm ware you want.

2. Download ROM and Odin v3.13.3
3. Download and install Samsung drivers and keys.
4. Charge the phone and power it off.
5. After all drivers installation,connect your phone with USB cable.
6. press volume down + bixby button together with power button,once you see light blue screen with white letters,press volume up to enter downloading mode.
7. Open odin and select approximate files ,click here.if everything goes successfully,then your phone will boot to the latest Android 10.0 .This method has been tested..

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