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Google Correlate will shutdown comes December 15, 2019.

Google have many tools and software to enhance and better search engine results pages SERP which Google Correlate is one of them. Google keeps growing everyday but as a business company failure is not in his dairy. As a businessman who always think of how to maximize profit.

Recently, google has flopped those tools which they think is being utilized or profitable they way they like. If you remember the light of Google G+, Google Allo, Google Inbox etc these tools have been shutdown by google. From the look of things Google Correlate will follow suit.

The name may sound strange to you and that is the reason google wants to close it down. According to Google the program is not adequately utilized.
Google Correlate works in similar way as Google Adword Keywords Planner tool and is almost opposite of Google Trends. Google Trends is common and think of Google Correlate as opposite. 

What is Google Correlate? From the above brief explanation, Google Trends is a program own by Google which keeps track of news updates around the world. This latest news update is based on a particular region or country. When you click a country in Google Trends the latest news making headlines about the country will appear.


Google Correlate is a tool design by Google that can store data or information of a particular country for a particular period. When you typed in words or keywords on the search bar and choose country, a graph of the keywords will appear. For instance if you type Trump Twitter then see information and graph below.

Google Correlate will shutdown comes December 15, 2019.
The performance will show on graphical pattern.
How relevant is this Google Correlate. The pursuit of SEO by bloggers and content creators is like thousands of people looking for a needle in an open field.

Many people claimed to be SEO Expert but Google algorithm is being controlled 
by a robot. I have spent years trying to know how SERP works, it may sounds funny but absolutely true that a person or post that ranked in google first page position 0 may be pushed down to 10th in the next second.

They may be no new article or update. But robot will put it in that position. Google ranking sometimes is like a mystery.

Google having users in mind keep on bringing tools to solve people's problem. Google Correlate is programmed in such a way that when you enter keywords on the search bar, it will not only brings put the search Volumes and graphs but also websites that have written on it. 

The graph will enable the user see how the particular keywords or words has performed and still performing in term of searched volume. 

Google Correlate is like Google Adword Keywords Search Planner is almost free to use. Google has announced that comes December 15, 2019 is going to Shutdown Google Correlate. 

What happens to the numerous users of this tool afterwards. If you are familiar with google tools you can recall the negative impact Google G+ had on people when it was shutdown by Google.

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