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How to Flash BlackBerry Phones that are not Androids

We have written many articles on BlackBerry android but from our forum and whatsapp.
There is need to write on other BlackBerry apart from android. We have people still using those phones and they need to keep it running.

To flash old BlackBerry phones follow these steps.

1. Charge the blackberry battery (optional) if you are using direct desktop manager but if is autoloader, you don't need battery. 

2. Download BlackBerry Software and install on your computer. They essence of this software is to enable RIM drivers in your computer. You can delete the software after installation or leave it.

3. Download the software meant for your phone. Example if you want to flash BlackBerry 9900 from Verizon network. 

 You have 4 options: 

a) Download BlackBerry Desktop manage and connect the phone.
b) Download any BlackBerry 9900 RIM software and delete Vendor to enable it flash.
c) Download the latest BlackBerry 9900 software from Verizon and flash direct.
d) Download BlackBerry 9900 autoloader and flash the phone with or without battery. 

4. If you are using autoloader which is safer. Ensure your computer is virus free. Ensure your computer drivers are up to date. Run autoloader as Admin. Once you see black command with white letters interface, connect your BB through USB cable. Allow the phone finish flashing. 

5. After flashing assuming you used battery during the operation. Remove and reinsert the battery. It may take about 30 minutes for the blackberry to boot for the first time after flashing. 

6. When the phone finally boot, follow the om screen instructions and configure your phone.
Congratulations you are done.

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