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Infinix S4 Android 9.0 X626 FRP Google bypass without PC

Infinix S4 Android 9.0 X626 FRP Google bypass without PC


FRP is Factory Reset Protection which protects an android phone from harking the email address used during first activation setup.
Like icloud on apple products FRP is being patched everyday but software hardware engineers continue to look for means of cracking.

On this page we will show you how to bypass Infinix S4 X626 with android 8.1.0 and android 9.0.

Step 1.
Charge your Android phone to about 80%.
Get a means of WiFi or hotspot, you can load data on the Simcard you going to use.
Get a Simcard with PIN code or activate PIN on any Simcard.

Step 2.
Open the sim tray and insert, ensure the phone is in Home screen mode. To see activities of the Simcard pop up.
When the inserted sim pop up enter PIN code, enter your PIN number but don't press ok or (\/) but instead press and hold power button and press ok.
The phone will go dark screen, then press the power button again. Swipe the notification to right and tap help button. See image below.

Step 3.

From step 2 above and picture above show. Tap Browser app from above picture. Again tap Browser app Chrome followed by YouTube icon and YouTube icon again. See below image for illustrations.

Step 4.
The next window that will display tap on Notifications, then scroll down on the next window and tap Additional settings on the app and tap About. See image below. Make sure you don't miss any step.

Step 4.
The next window that will display which will be final step. Press or select YouTube Terms of Service (read Youtube's terms of service). A youtube page will open, tap on the address serch bar and type Scroll to Infinix Android 9.0 GAM and FRP bypass. Download Infinix 9.0 GAM and FRP login.

Download the two apk apps file and install.
Install Infinix 9.0 GAM first and press done followed by Infinix 9.0 FRP Login.

Open Infinix 9.0 FRP Login tap 3 dot upper right side, ok it and enter any gmail details or create new one. 
Restart your phone and FRP is gone.

Download Infinix 9.0 GAM here.
Download Infinix 9.0 FRP Login here.

Note. Infinix 9.0 GAM has 3 types if you install 1 and it says corrupt then install another one.

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