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Infinix X608 FRP Bypass and Google reset solution

How to bypass FRP and Google reset Infinix X608 and Infinix X608C. Did you forget your google account on Infinix X608 or Infinix X60b. Follow the instructions below and get your phone fixed without flashing.

Step 1 Tap emergency icon. Make sure your are connected to internet may be through Hotspot on subscribed simcard.

Step 2. Tap emergency Information twice as the picture below

Watch the Infinix X608 FRP Bypass Video


Step 3. Choose on any contact and tap to edit the contact.

Step 4. Edit any contact  and open the contact.

Step 5 .Tap the 3 dots above the edited contact.

Step 6. Select Share from dropdown menu see picture below.

Step  7. Select message>> send message

Step 8. Type and send as text message.

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Step 9. open as a link..

Step  10. This will take you to chrome browser. In Chrome untick box and tap ACCEPT & CONTINUE.

Step 11. Now you are in google search box. Type and download
Google Account Manager GAM and FRP Bypass.

Install GAM followed by frp bypass.

Step 12.  After downloading you install both files.

Step 13. Install GM then after Login. then open login and you will see picture below. Then tap  3 dots upper right to sign in any gmail account or create new one.

Step 14. Sign in your Gmail account or create new one.

Step 15. Disconnet the wireless or hotspot before you restarts your android phone. Tap skip icon

Step 16. Tap skip icon down left.

Step 17. Tap ALL SET icon down right of the screen.

Step 18. Choose your Country and continue with NEXT icon.

Step 19. Tap the front arrow icon down right.

Step 20. Choose your desired icon.

Step 21. You are done. like our facebook page for more tips.

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