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ZTE ZMax Z981 FRP Bypass

ZTE ZMax Blade Z981 FRP Bypass

What is FRP?

Factory Reset Protection is a security method used by Google to protect a third party email login after Android phone is reset pr flashed.
When you buy a new android phone before you have access to play store where you can download apps you must Sign in using an existing gmail or create a new one. This gmail account you entered at this stage serves as the original gmail account to the particular android. The function of FRP is to protect unauthorized gmail to be used unless the original gmail account. 

To reset google account FRP bypass on ZTE ZMax follow this steps below:

  • Step 1. Charge the ZTE Z981 android. When you charge the phone complete, the next thing you do is to power up the phone. When the phone boot, is either you insert Simcard with data or get WIFI ready. If the phone is network locked then you must use WIFI or hotspot.
  •  Step 2. Enable internet on the phone This particular step is to connect the phone to internet. Wifi/Hotspot is preferable here. From step 1 if you inserted Simcard with data you don't need WIFi. If no sim then connect to WIFI. From Home screen tap start. Press SKIP then press setup a new phone. From here the phone will detect your WIFI or hotspot. Enter the password of your WiFI if any and give the phone some times to connect to the WIFI.

  • Step 3. Enable the Vision Settings. Most android phones come with vision settings. This settings assist those with vision problem. Here, we are going to use this settings to process FRP. With your two fingers press and hold on the screen for some minutes. After some seconds to you hear a sound that voice command has been activated. Then draw a capital "U" on the screen. Another screen will appear with Exit and App Manager below.
Type android stock on search bar and give location permission.
  •  Step 4 Disable Logout app. From step 3 above, when you tap location permission it will take you to ZTE Z981 android Home screen menu. Search for LookOut application, open the app and follow screen instructions to uncheck all the enabled boxes option. If you uncheck one press next and uncheck another. Once you see login account return to Home menu screen.
  • Step 5. Open Chrome and download app. From above step on home screen search for Chrome Browser, once you see it open it. Uncheck box on Chrome and accept T&C, press NO THANKS then next. You will see a google search bar:- Type android test dpc, the options that will appear select and download 3.0.11 here or here. After download install the app, ensure you grant chrome permission to install app. After installation open the app and select.Set up device owner.

ZTE ZMax Z981 FRP Bypass

  • Step 6 Restarts or Reboot ZTE Z981 android. From step 5, the next thing to do is to restarts the phone but before that go to settings, scroll down to backup & reset, tap reset phone or format phone. During this process ensure your WIFI is still on for internet connection. If you followed all the steps explained above, when the phone restarts, it will ask for a new google account. You can as well skip this process and enter gmail address later. 

Note: is not responsible for brick of your phone. This is tutorial and must not be used for frauds.

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