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Infinix Hot 6 X606D .....device has failed verification and may not work.... solution

..failed verification and may not work
Most latest android phone periodically tends to go online to look for the latest software. As such if you are not prepared to update your android phone and mistaken select yes then your phone may brick.

How to get prepared to update your phone is by having enough data, steady and charge.

Of recent if your tried to update your Infinix Hot 6 and something happens along the way is either your phone display below information

Red State 
Your device has failed verification and may not work properly..
Your device will boot in 5 seconds

Or your phone won't boot again. This problem sometimes happens after OTA update. always comes with the latest solution. 

How to solve Your device has failed verification and may

1. Hold the power button for some seconds and power off the phone.

2. Charge your android phone battery to about 80%.

3. If you have a similar android phone back up the boot image (boot.img).

4. Connect the Infinix Hot 6 and flash the boot image.

5. Power your phone, if it doesn't work.

6. Download the below Infinix Hot 6 ROM.

The rom is v73 but works on v49

Download Infinix Hot 6 rom here or here

7. Use NCK dongle/box and flash your phone.

Done and everything is working.

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