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Infinix X606D dead, restarts or hanging on logo solution.

Infinix X606D dead, restarts or hanging on logo solution.
Recently we noticed a total breakdown of Infinix Hot 6. This problem ranges from Red State...alert to hanging or logo or total dead (bricked).

Many people can't explain what happened before the problem but the bottom line is that the phone is bricked. 

The cause of this problem can be traced to the latest update bug or virus. Many people complained that after updating the phone online, whether the update was successful or not the problem started. If care is not taking this problem will brick more Infinix Hot 6 before being patched. Which ever way fixing the problem is our concern. 

How to fix infinix hot 6 not boot or restarts. 

1. Charge the phone (if it still power).

2. If dead remove the Sim tray, memory card tray and open the phone back.

3. Loose the upper part of the phone and unclip the battery flex. Reclip it back and try power the phone. 

4. Go to this page and download Infinix Hot 6 X606D firmware and extract the file.

5. Open your SPTool or NCK or CM2.

6. Load the scatter file or select the rom.

7. Press Download or Flash.

8. If the phone is bricked unclip and clip back the battery flex, otherwise power off the phone.

9. Connect the phone to computer through USB. Ensure you install MTK drivers.
Download here.

10. Allow the phone to complete flashing. 

11. After flashing boot your phone. The first boot takes time.

Your phone is back to life. Like our page for more.

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