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Vivo 1820 Frp Bypass and Google Account Reset.

Frp Factory Reset Protection is a project used by Android developer to prevent unauthorized reset whether (hard or soft reset) of the Android phone. If an Android phone is been configured you require account email address that is Google account being used as a default.

When you forget this email address you used during configuration then you need to bypass the frp before another one is set. FRP helps the Android to remember the first email address used for the phone.

You see message like phone is reset enter a Google email used to sync phone.

Infinix S4 X625 Android 9 pie

Follow these steps to FRP bypass Vivo 1820.

1. Charge your phone.

2. Connect your phone to WIFI or hotspot.

3. Go back to Home Screen.

4. Tap connect to WIFI again this time choose password and type google on it.

5. Ensure you activate show password.

6. Highlight the google you type select WEB SEARCH.

7. You will enter chrome and search

8. Download Google Account Manager 8.0.

9. Download FRP Bypass.

Download Google Account Manager and FRP login here.

10 . Install Download Google Account Manager followed by FRP Login.

11. Open the FRP login after installation, tap 3 dots up and ok.

12. The next screen enter existing gmail address or create new one.

13. Restarts your Vivo android phone and FRP gone.

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