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How to add advert footer widget in blog or WordPress.

How to add advert footer widget in blog or WordPress.

  1.  Login to your blog or WordPress.
  2.  Click to open blogger dashboard.
  3.  Scroll down to layout see picture.
  4.  Click to add widget.
  5.  When a widget open, click sign html.
  6.  Another window will open for title and code see picture below.
  7.  Leave Tittle empty.
  8.  Copy this code....and add to the place of code. See code below

9. Ensure you have added what you want to display on footer example adsense.

10. Edit the widget to you test like move left, right, center and cover.

11. Click save to save the widget.

12. Go to theme, jump to widgets to make the widget show on mobile.

Blogging is a nice work when you have passion not mindset of making money. Blogging is the best online business to do, but when you choose a wrong niche, or follow the crowd with general niche(entertainment) niche you make not make headway unless you have some good money to advertise.

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If you are expert in a field, blog on that field and sky is your stepping stone.

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