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Top Technology Tips about devices that everybody must know

We are in technological age so it is easy to know what to do at a click of button.

6. Things to know before buying laptop or computer (PC)

1. The system manufacturer and support.

2. The system specifications.

3. The price compares to quality.

4. The system durability 

5. The weather friendly mainly in laptop (AMD- Hot ‎in Africa Intel ‎- less hot in Africa)

6. System compatibility with other peripherals.
Most times buying a new device is a great thing but making a mistake is disastrous.
The secret of buying any device like a smartphone is not about how good it looks, but how durable it is.
Machine fails

5 Thing to do after buying PC (or laptop)

1. Test the charging system or power cord.

2. Allow the system to work in intense be conditions.

3. Install application OS, followed by anti-virus.

4. Ping your computer (if 5pc) mostly with desktop icons management.

5. Test the system speed.
When you buy computer or laptop you don't need a modem rather a Hotspot from a smartphone. If us a desktop computer you buy together with WiFi card or adapter. If is laptop is has already built in WiFi card. With smartphone you can connect your PC through hotspot.

6 Things to know before buying android phone.

1. Check the manufacturer.

2. How durable is the phone (android) range for screen, touch, charging system, water or liquid resistance.

3. The price compare to the quality.

4. The specific(special features).

5. How to connect the phone to other peripherals Bluetooth, NTF, ‎EXTERNAL AUDIO.

If you have any smartphone in mind to buy, go to website and search for the particular phone specifications. After reading the specification go to ratings, rating is very important, because many people write review of products they have used or tested.
the review by current user will expose the further technical default of a particular device. 

No matter how good a phone or device might look perfection cannot be attain just like human. 

A smartphone with a good battery may lack speed.

A smartphone with a good speed may lack storage space‎.

A smartphone with appreciable space may lack in camera quality and so on.

Reading the review and rating will open your eyes to see manageable faults the device has

6. Things to do after buying new android or smart phone

1. Check the charger power rating in case your charger burnt.

2. Install the necessary app.

3. Uninstall the default unnecessary apps.

4. Use the phone at least to play games and browse anti-virus for your use. 

5. Check if it gets hot while charging.

6. Check the version (if android and read about the phone version)

11 android problems you can solve with developing option enabled.

1. Rooting.

2. Software reset.

3. OEM security patch enable.

4. Stay awake.

5. Desktop back-up password. 

6. Check running background apps. 

7. Shows layout boundaries.

8. Customise windows and a nomination scale.

9. Simulates display 

10. Show CPU wages 

11. Circuit background processor. Do not keep activation

TOP 7 ‎most Expensive phones

8 Secret function in Android you never know exist or use

1. Magnifying glass 

2. Aid late hearing aid 

3. NFC 

4. Hotspot 

5. Google map 

6. Reload/snap chart 

7. Text to speech 

8. Cache cleaner, RAM Optimize.

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