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MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, and 9Mobile Manual configuration internet Settings.

MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, GLO, and 9Mobile Manual configuration settings

Today let us sahre with you the best way to configure your phone manually for internet browsing. Many people still use lower ends phone that can't configure automatically.


If you want automatic configuration for Airtel. SMS Internet followed by Phone Make and Model to 232 e.g. SMS Internet Nokia 5230 to 232.

Manual configuration.
  • Account Name: AIRTEL.
  • Homepage =
  • Username = internet
  • Password = Internet
  • Access Point or APN =
  • IP or Proxy Address =
  • Port =8080.


If you want MTN automatic configuration to be sent to your mobile phone.
Send SETTINGS to 3888 in message to receive automatic configuration.

Manual configurations 

•    Account Name = MTN GPRS

•    IP Address =

•    Port =8080

•    Username = web

•    Password = web

•    Access Point Name (APN) = 

•    Homepage =


If you want Glo to provide you with automatic configuration push,
Send PHONE MODEL to 927 e.g Nokia C5 to 927

Manual configuration

Glo has 3 configurations, wap, secure and flat
Configure your glo line with the following settings

Account Name: GLO

Homepage =

Username =   wap

Password =     wap

Access Point or APN =        glowap

IP or Proxy Address =

Port ===> 8080

Account Name: GLO

Homepage =

Username =   flat

Password =     flat

Access Point or APN =        gloflat

IP or Proxy Address =

Port ===> 8080

Account Name: GLO

Homepage =

Username =   secure

Password =    secure

Access Point or APN =        glosecure

IP or Proxy Address =

Port ===> 8080

For 9Mobile

9Mobile also provide automatic configuration.

Send SETTINGS to 229 and automatically you will receive your configuration settings from 9Mobile. 

After receiving the message save it and activate as default settings.

For manual configuration.

9Mobile Manual Configuration Settings

Another great network, here is how to configure the internet settings manually

Account Name: 9Mobile

Homepage =

Access Point =   9mobile

IP =     

Port =          8080

Username = Empty

Password =     Empty.

Note: For Homepage is optional and you can use for all. The same configuration applies to GPRS, 3.5G, 4G and 5G. Make sure you have airtime or data on your Simcard.

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