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Innjoo Desire 5 Google account reset and FRP Bypass 100% working

 Innjoo Desire 5 Google account reser and FRP Bypass 100% working

 How to remove pin, pattern Reset, frp Google account bypass on Innjoo Desire 5

Gradually Innjoo Mobile is upgarding their latest android phones. If you are Mobile phone engineer, you will agree that working with MTK chips is easier than SPD. Itel A16 is SPD Android phone. Unlike MTK android version 5.1 to 8.1.0, it is easy to remove the Google account frp by a click of button on Miracle Box interface or by use of FRP bypass file.

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The introduction of fingerprint Android and android version 7.1 and above seems more measures in security patch. Like 2016, 2017 and 2018 security patches. But software engineers have their way of breaking in patched security.

It may sound funny but the truth is that and the line of writing this report some flashing Box can't bypass frp on Innjoo Desire 5. Innjoo Desire 5 is SPD SC7731 with 7.0 android version. But we have to bypass the security also.
As expects in the field is always there to bring solutions

NOTE: This solution here is meant for educational purposes and for those that forget their password. It should not be used in any wrong way. Remember ZAMDTEK is not responsible for any outcome of this solution resulting in break of android or whatever.FRP or Google account reset remove and reset your Android phone. It is assumed that phone belong to you where you cannot remember your email address. The tutorial we provide is used for personal purpose and not for any fraud. ZAMDTEK is not responsible for any misuse of this solution.

Let's go on how to reset pin or Google account bypass FRP in Innjoo Desire 5.

First method: How to bypass Innjoo Desire 5 FRP

1. Download SPD FRP Tool

You will like Download Miracle Box Crack Here

2. Charge your Innjoo Desire 5 battery to about 80%

3. Power off your phone and allow it for some times.

4. Press power button and start tapping Volume Down button.

Keep Tapping the Volume down until your phone enter fastboot mode.

5. Perform hard reset and reboot the phone

6. After boot confirm that the Innjoo Desire 5 is FRP locked

7. If the phone ask for google account used on the phone before reset then you need to bypass FRP.

8. Get your working PC and USB Cable.

9. Download SPD FRP Remove from No 1.

10. Download SPD android drivers if you don't have it installed on your computer.

11. Boot Innjoo Desire 5 to fastboot using No 4 method. From fastboot mode select recovery mode.

12. Open the SPD FRP Remover you download, connect your phone to PC and select remove from the software.

Get the details on how to use SPD FRP Remover here.

Remember throughout the process on no account will the USB Cable connected to Computer shake.

You can watch the video here

Second method: How to bypass Innjoo Desire 5 FRP

Step 1.Download Miracle Box crack 2.54 or above or use Box and Pkey

Step 2. Install Box and SPD driver

Step 3. Change your phone and turn it off.

Step 4. Open Miracle box software or crack.

Step 5. Locate SPD tap on the Miracle Box interface and select SC77XX.

Step 6. Connect your Innjoo Desire 5 and press Volume down button and select FRP Reset.

Allow it for some time to finish.

Step 7. Disconnect your phone from pc and boot/ power it on.

Setup and configure your phone.

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Your are done with FRP thanks for coming.

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