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How to repair and recover a Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

How to repair and recover a Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Do have have a Computer? Have you experienced Hard Disk Drive failure? What happened to your hard disk?.

HDD failure or crash is very bad experience not  only you loose your files but there may be something that you can't recover again. Imagine when you just finished an event, transfer the videos and pictures from your camera or phone to your computer only for HDD to crash. 

Most times as a tech guru, I don't dispose off my device that gone bad, because I always believe that there will be a solution to the problem. I have seen people that refuse flashing phone because of documents inside the phone though the phone is faulty.

We have in this website shown you other ways you can back up your documents free of charge. We even show you have to recover your lost phone. We also show you details on how to detect PC Virus and speed up your computer. We are making technology simple for everybody to use. This is our role in internet world. Committed to make life easier through technology tips.

Today you are going to show you how to repair that Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that is neither not working directly or use as a slave drive.

How to repair and recover a Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 100% solution

Requirements: To repair HDD

  • The faulty or bad Hard Disk Drive

  • A set of screw drivers.

  • A soft cloth for cleaning.

  • A clean fluid.

  • An eraser for pencil.

  • A sharp blade.

    An External Hard Disk Drive casing.

Step 1. Use Screw-Driver to loose the back of the HDD as indicated by right image below.

Step 2. Use a soft tissue and a clean fluid or eraser to clean the marked parts in below image. It has been discover that these parts making contacts some times picks dirt or dust. So cleaning the parts will enable well connections.

Step 3. After step 2 above you tight your HDD and connect it to computer using external casing. If it doesn't work then you have to loose the front of HDD with  Screw-driver.

Step 4. Care should be taken while loosing the HDD front because some nuts are hidden under information stickers. Make sure you use a good Srew-Driver to avoid nuts damage.

Step 5. Take a look at the image below, You will notice that Read/Write head of HDD is on top of HDD Platters or Media. Use Screw driver and rotate Spindle motor gradually while you return or push Read/Write head.
Note: Do this careful to avoid further damage. is not responsible for any damage done to your HDD.

Step 6. Looking at the image below , you will notice that the read/write head is now relaxed in the original position. Now your HDD will work.

Tight back the HDD, connect External HDD casing and plug USN to copmuter.
Congratulations! You just save yourself some money and recover your information on HDD.

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