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Android imei null or invalid repair eg Panasonic, Gionee, Leagoo etc

Android imei null or invalid repair eg Panasonic, Gionee, Leagoo etc

Android is a good phone being used by many people. Sometimes the problem is unpredictable. Unlike old Nokia or other phones, it is hard for imei to corrupt. Imei null, invalid or not appearing is a common problem in android phones.

We have written many solution on android imei repairs but since manufactures keep producing, the android architecture keeps changing. So we are improving the solution to meet the upgraded android phones imei repairs. 

We also thankful to developers that writing many android repair tools. Have you tried to repair some Gionee imei, Panasonic imei, Meizu imei, Samsung imei and Xaomi imei androids? Did you encounter problems? Your solution is here!

Lets Show you how to repair imei in any android phones whether root or not. This method has been tested in Panasonic imei no service, Gionee imei invalid and Meizu imei invalid, Lenovo iemi null, Redmi 4X, Leagoo Power. This method is better than using Flashing Box like Miracle Box.

1. Prepare your working computer.

2. Download Maui Meta MediaTeK Internal Only here.

3. Extract the the above file and open MediaTeK Internal Only.

4. Charge your android phone that  eg Panasonic Elila around 80%.

5. Download MTK and CDC driver and install on your computer.
    Most times this driver is prompt to install when you connect your android phone in meta mode.

6. Power off your android phone and connect. If is connected it will show as in picture below 

7. Click on Get version arrow and select imei download option

8. Click on load file, if you android phone has no meta installed file for imei then enter imei manually

So you click No according to picture below

9. Ensure you have copied imei inside the android phone or get a similar phone and copy the imei from. Enter the imei below image.

After writing the imei then click Download To Flash. Once is success, you will see imei written successfully. If you have dual SIM crad phone make sure you choose SIM_2 and enter the imei. After that you restarts your android phone.

This method has been tested in Panasonic and Gionnee android phones working perfectly.

Note: Sometimes it takes time for the phone to enter Meta Mode because of drivers. Make sure you install CDC drivers.

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