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Sony Xperia hanging Logo or bootloop solution

Sony Xperia hangs on logo or restarting solution.

Sony Xperia hangs on logo or restarting solution.

Sony Xperia Android is another good Android phones but recently there is a bug that causes the phone to keep hanging. If you are a lover of Sony Xperia you will understand. Sony Xperia boot to logo and restarts can be solved by flashing if you are luckily. This hanging some times is caused by software, but in many occasions it is a hardware issue. In zamdtek we roll out tested and working solutions in a simple way.

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How to fix Sony Xperia hang on logo and restart.

There are two method to fix this particular problem. Software and hardware.

1st method Software:

Software issue is caused by when the OS corrupt or some application bugs. This can also be as a result of Virus picked during file transfer or browsing the internet.  To fix it if is a software problem follow these steps,

a) Check the details of Sony Xperia and download the matching ROM.

b) Download Flash Tool or use SeTool if you have.

c) Charge your phone to about 80%.

d) Use USB and connect your phone to computer where you downloaded the ROM.

e) Follow the screen instruction and flash your Sony Xperia,

f) If it doesn't work follow the 2nd Method.

2nd method Hardware

This is the major work and the best solution that needs details explanation. You have to be a technician and have small knowledge of technology.

Just follow our tested procedure below.

1. Charge the battery if it can still charge.

2. Get your set of screw divers ready. 

3. Get your rework station ready if you have one.

4. Loose or disassemble your Sony Xperia that hangs.

5. Power on your rework station and apply light heat on the Sony Xperia back to remove the back cover.

6. Look for the battery clip and check to see the picture below, remove the clip.

7. Use your voltage regulator or boaster to connect to the battery and boast the battery voltage.

8. Reclip the battery clip and power your phone, if it comes up alas your phone is back to normal.

If boasting battery voltage and phone doesn't boot then try this method.

a. Loose the panel and remove all the clips.

b. Remove all the cover to locate the microcontroller.

c. Power your rework station.

d. Drop some paste on the micro chip.

e. Use rework to heat the chip to some extent.

f. Use liquid cleanser to clean the drop fluid or soldering paste.

g. Allow the phone some time to cool before any other thing.

h. Assemble all the parts and clips together, clip the battery and power your Sony Xperia bricked phone.

i. If this method doesn't work, then final solution is to change RAM or panel.

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