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How to use Google Trends 2018 update

Google Trends

Many years it has been a norm that Google has a unique way of keeping her followers busy.
A part from other products that is been released by Google, for marketing purposes, others products can make you go back to school or crack your brain.

Most at times is common that when you as somebody ask question the answer you will get is *google it* not minding that Google is not the only search engine in the internet.

There are other search engine like Bing, Yahoo,, Baidu.,, Internet active, etc. Is just that Google is popular so instead of saying *search Internet* or use *search engine* you will here google it. Yes, Google has many diversity and innovations and growing better and tougher with their numerous protocols. 

Coming to the business of the day, I want to emphasis on Google trends. As you may know google trends us a place where you get the latest information on the world from different countries. Most of the information are those once that have the highest number of searches online.

Google Trends country statistics

Google trends interest is only when the news keeps circulating and expanding.
Before you go to google trends to get the latest we news around the world but today us more of statistical approach than the news itself. Recently, Google trends carry out some updates on the platform which makes difficult to just get a news you are looking for without running around numerous numbers of bars in statistical forms.


 Is funny enough that if you keep following this lines, you may end up coming back where you started thereby the essence of your search is defeated

Google Trends

So how do we search Google Trends after their 2018 Updates. 

1.  Search through countries, sometimes it may be difficult for you to see all the countries, what comes up first is USA and the most recent highest search so click  on the arrow to see other countries.

 2. Scroll down the most popular search depends on your interest and choose among the selections

3. Search through the magazine, blog or newspaper that reported your interested news

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4, You can go ahead to compare the result of your selected search and other related search in the Google Trends.

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