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Infinix X559 Hot 5 auto off when Sim inserted solution

Recently, in African market we have witnessed flooding of China Android smart phone. The most popular is Tecno Androids, Infinix androids, Gionee Androids, Itel Androids, leagoo, Fero Androids, etc

Infinix Hot 5 auto Off solution

Each of the android phone comes with its own uniqueness. Some have battery of higher power, other have fragile lcd and touch while others have to many software bug. As expert we are always ahead of others in terms of providing solutions to these phones and also guiding you on which one to buy.

When it comes to android software development is a Google open market where anything is possible. As android producers advance in android version so also the virus writers and developers advance in writing virus.

The case of Infinix X559 lite was brought to our workshop that works without sim card and switch off when sim is inserted or data turn on.

The phone was flashed with many ROMs different times without success. We try the method of .bin flashing with Volcano Box but no success.

As we are dedicated to finding the solution of any device fault no matter how complex it is. So what happened next is the solution. 

  1. Take your screw driver and disassemble the android phone.
  2. Detach the finger print clip and separate them apart.
  3. Carefully remove the battery clip and detach the battery entirely from the android phone.
  4. Boast the battery if you are a good technician.
  5. Put the battery back and power the Android phone. If the problem continues then replace the battery.

Your problem is solved otherwise buy a new android from here.

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