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How to fix whatsapp on Blackberry 10 in 2018

Whatspp on BB 10 2018

We have in 2016 shown you how to get whatsapp that won't expire comes December 2017, in 2017 we did the same thing with an update. Here in June 2108 we still want to give you confidence that our tricks and solutions will continue to make whatsapp work in your blackberry Z10, blackberry Q5 blackberry blackberry Q10 blackberry Z3 blackberry Z30, blackberry Classic, blackberry passport, Blackberry Priv.

If you have been following updates on Blackberry is no longer new that whatsapp and other social media network want to force BlackBerry to join android market. The problem is that android is an open market where everything is possible. Blackberry is one of the original phone that you can enjoy and it will last long for you. 

BlackBerry phone is easily to fix when it has problem. Although am not advertising for them but is a phone that can give you some qualities compared to the prize.

Without further waste of time lets bring the solution for your Blackberry 10 whatsapp. If you are using blackberry 10 without fixing the whatsapp by now you should be getting message like this device is no longer supported.

Step 1. Delete or uninstall your BB 10 whatsapp. Then Go to >>>> Settongs

How to fix whatsapp on Blackberry 10

Step 2. Scroll down to Apps manager.

How to fix whatsapp on Blackberry 10

Step 3. Tap on Press Installing Apps

How to fix whatsapp on Blackberry 10

Step 4. Turn On Allow Apps from other Sources to be Installed.

How to fix whatsapp on Blackberry 10

After Step 4, go to google and download recent whatsapp android application and install on your Blackberry 10. After installation, Open the whatsapp and check if it can send or receive pictures and videos. If this feature is not working, then go back to BlackBerry App  World and download Whatsapp Fixer. Install Whatsapp Fixer and enable/give permission to all your app with it.

Alas! You can now enjoy Whatsapp on your BB10 again. Share this news to others.

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