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How to fix android hanging after hard reset or flashing.

How to fix android hanging after hard reset or flashing

Have you done hard reset on your Android on you are a technician that does it for people.

Have you notice something unusual after that?

How long did it take that phone to boot after hard reset or flashing?

One thing is sure here, if you flash an mtk android with a complete backup scatter file or. Bin file it doesn't take it long to boot.

Some last for an hour, 30 minutes, 20 minutes or more.

The most dangerous once are those that hangs more that 3 to,4 hours‎.

Well the final solution is here:

Zamdtek recently through one of our staff carried out a research across many androids being flashed or hard reset.

We discovered a trick on how to make the android boot in a minute.

Step 1. Charge the battery about 80%

Step 2. Ensure the android is well formatted or factory reset.

Step 3. Just do this trick, boot the phone after flash or hard reset, if it stays more than 10 minutes to boot. Turn off the phone, or remove the battery. Replace the battery and power it just within 1 minute your minute your Android is fully on.

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If the android has a built in battery press and hold the power button for some seconds. On is off completely, give it some seconds and power it on again.

Alas you don't have to wait for ages again before your Android will come up after reset.

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