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Refurbished android phones advantages and disadvantages

Android Refurbished phones

Why are these pones referred to as refurbished phones- there are so called because they are not directly from the company that produced the. Instead the phone have either been used before, had fault, repaired and repackaged. 

Another one is that the phones may had a factory fault, pushed to maintenance company like I fix, or auctioned it to them. These once that were able to be fixed. Will be repackaged and sold to a country that has no standard laws on goods.

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In Nigerian recently, we noticed cheap android smart hones of all kind, shape, size, manufacturers and so on.

Although these androids are cheap many of them come with unsolvable issues like

1. If you have this type of Android, you will see 3G or 4G network but you can't get that kind of network with the home because most of them have been downgraded to 2G or Edge network.

2. Most of them drained or such battery faster, feel hot especially the one you can get 3G network from.

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3. This is funny part of the phone many of the use inter-changed battery polarity (instead of -+ then +-). It sounds funny but any that you test the phone with another battery apart from the one it uses,that may be the end of the android phone.

4. The availability of here phones parts:- as at the time of writing these report 70% of these phone parts like touch screen, lcd screen, battery are yet to be released by the company.

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5. These phones can easily be recognised as fake or original, just open the battery cover and look for different kind of stickers‎! There is a popular or called Tecno xxx but the battery is infinix battery.

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Examples of these phones are..... Tecno-Infinix D5, Vivo sit, coolpad etc.

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