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How to stop android from draining battery faster.

How to stop android from draining battery

One phone user said my android is sucking battery faster. Is your Android phone battery not lasting the way it used to or as you expect.

You are not happy the way you miss important calls and chatts messages just because your Android phone rundown battery faster.

You have changed and bought many battery but the problem remains?

Your solution is right here at Over the time we have written battery life, the choice of Android phones, how to fix android power solution and most importantly where to buy your Android phones.

What is battery according to Wikipedia An electric battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices such as flashlights.

What is rating of battery. In a country where standard organisation work, the rating of a device must be tested to ensure it complies with actual write up. But if a country doesn't pay attention on the kind of device they use. The so called rating like 500mAH is just a sticker. So this is the problem is that you can't trust the ratings.

Owing to the point above, it is clear that the only thing you will do is to avoid those things that can drain or suck your Android battery faster. 

How to preventing your phone battery

1. The minimizing application, the android you are operating now if checked the minimize button- you will find out that there are any unused and unwanted app still running on background, just close them.

2. You are always on 3G or 4G network when you are not even downloading anything - why not use 2G or Edge of you are just chatting to save your battery.

3. Your network data is always ON even when you a re not on subscription. Even at sleep. Remember you can get all sent message when your data is turn ON- save your battery OFF data when is not needed.

4 You stream youtube or other online videos or inhabit of doing so ‎. Check if your online video streaming is running at background to turn it OFF.

5 How do you charge your battery? Is it always? Or is it sometimes ? Do you charge fully or use while charging? Do you allow your battery to drain out complete before charge? Well sometimes is advisable to allow your battery to 0% before charging for battery life span.

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6. Before you change your battery or buy new one make sure you buy original to avoid not lasting.

7. In Android as general, ‎we always download and transfer applications both the one we use and not. Check those apps you are not using and in install them complete.

8. Always check the temperature where you place your phone. Lowest temperature is as worst as high temperature to both android 

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