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Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution

Do you have this type of android phone Samsung Galaxy S2 like GT-I9100 that does not come up or charge. You have tried everything but no success. Don't panic here is your final solution.

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution

Samsung Galaxy S2 dead, hard bricked power solution.

Step 1: Read the battery voltage about V3.6 or V4.2

Step 2: Allow the phone pluged in charger for some times.

Step 3: Connect the phone to computer if you have one and see if it will start installing driver.

Step 4: If you don't have Computer continues from step 3.

Step 5: Remove the battery from the phone and check for short from the battery connector.

Step 6: Plug in the charger without battery in the phone.

Step 7: Read the voltage of the battery connector with multimeter.

Step 8; Check the reading on the meter and you will notice that the Positive and Negative terminals are not reading same thing.

Step 9: Take your screw-driver and loose/disassemble the phone.

Step 10: Check for water damage, clean and heat lightly with rework station.

Step 11: Allow the Galaxy S2 some minutes and fix battery and test. If is not coming on yet be ready for work.

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Get your Rework station ready

Get your soldering iron ready

Get your lead and paste ready

We are not responsible for any damage on your phone.

If you have applied all the above steps and your pone is not booting, it means that a capacitor that controls the power is faulty. So this capacitor must be changed or removed.

Take a look at the picture below

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution

Use rework station or hot soldering iron to remove or replace this capacitor. Care must be taken not to damaged another component or ic.

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution

Look for a scrab where you can get a replacement of this capacitor. Even if you just removed it the Galaxy S2 will still work normal.

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution


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