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HP 2000, 2xxx series Power solution

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

Buying of Laptop is a big achievement depending what you tend to use it for. If you not using it for fun, then you should be more careful the way you handle it. Most people think that Laptop is like Android smart phone with common USB port. So anywhere they see adapter or charger, they will plug in their Laptop.

Laptop is not a phone, it select an adapter. The adapter Laptops use varies in Wattage, current and voltage. Voltage is more pronounced than others. it varies from 14V to 20V. where V represents Voltage. The adapter comes in different pin port.

The signs of faulty laptop

Power LED and battery LED flicker when the adapter tip is moved

Battery is not charging when plug in.

Sparks come from the laptop board.

When you plug it in charger/adapter the port will be loose.

Move the power plug and the laptop loses connection

Broken or cracked dc jack

Laptop does not indicate charging but worked on battery

Causes of faulty Laptop

A mistake in manufacturer designs

Use of unspecified of fake ac adapter

Frequent change of plugging and unplugging of the ac adapter

Instability of supplying light to the ac adapter cord.

How to fix HP2000 and all 2xxx series power problem

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Lets go

Get your screw-driver ready and picker.

Get your Rework station and Paste ready.

You may be needing small amount of lead.

Step 1 Turn the backside of your laptop and remove the battery.

Step 2 Open the RAM, Wireless LAN adapter cover and detach the two.

Step 3 Open Hard disk Drive cover and remove the Hard Drive.

Step 4 Ensure you remove all the available nuts from the back.

Step 5 Check the nut/screw holding the CD ROM and loose it so you can detach the ROM.

Step 6 Careful detach the keyboard and loose screws under it.

Step 7 Careful separate the Laptop completely.

Observe this picture closely and you can notice about two burnt ic

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution 

Get a similar Motherboard and remove the ic from there

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

After the ic replacement you cam power your HP Notebook.

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