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Window 8 password reset trick

How to reset Window 8 password without CD or Login or Command or software

Window 8 password reset

Welcome to the aim of this website is to make life easier for the use. We strive to a length in other to break those unbreakable complex tricks in technology. We have written on many things but will continue to write. Just continue visiting the web as new things that will help you keeps coming on the site.

We have written about how to reset a Laptop on a computer been locked on BIOS and also show you how to repair a dead or not booting laptop. Today we are bring a trick on how you can remove or reset your Window 8 without being an expert technician.

If you are ready lets kick off.

Step 1. Ensure your PC or Laptop is running on Window 8 or Window 10.

Step 2. power off your Laptop on Desktop(Mini Tower PC).

Step 3. Charge your Laptop battery to about 80% if you are using Laptop.

Step 4. If you are using Desktop then ensure your UPS is connected.

Step 5. Power your PC and boot it to enter password screen.

Step 6. Press and hold your keyboard Shift key.

Window 8 password reset

Step 7. Click on the power sign on the far right screen and choose Restart option.

Window 8 password reset

Step 8. Continue holding Shift key while the PC boot to recovery mode.
Step 9. When the PC boot select TroubleShooting option.

Window 8 password reset

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Step 10. From TroubleShooting you have selected another window will open that will take you to Reset option.

Window 8 password reset

Step 11. Choose reset and follow the on-screen instruction to know if you want to reset all the data on only the userdata.

You must wait for sometimes while the PC perform reset and boot normally.
You can now put a fresh password.

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