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China phones keypad and Screen light solution

We have show you China phone power solution before today we going to bring to you the most common problem with China phone which is Light.

Water damaged or liquid damaged China phone can easily lack light or continuous displaying white screen. Even if the lcd is changed it may not solve the problem. Most often the keypad light will display but LCD will not.

If there is light on keypad then find the negative and positive terminal of the screen and join the keypad light. Tapping the keypad light to LCD should be a careful process because you may short-circuit the keypad light and no light will show both on keypad and LCD.

In this post we are going to show the easiest way you can fix both LCD or screen light of any china phone.

Note: Android China phones are not included here.

How to repair China phones Screen and keypad light. 

1 Get you star-screw driver.

2 Get your Rework Station on if you have any.

3 Get you connecting wire ready.

4 Plug your Soldering iron.

5 Get paste ready for applying on the base.

6 Remove the battery and sim of the phone.

7. Loose/disassemble your phone with screw driver

8. Check for water damaged part or rust on the screen legs.

9. Clean the phone with vacuum cleaner or spirit.

10. Test if the light will come up.

11. If it does then is time to do the real job.

Take a look at the picture below.

China phones keypad and Screen power solution 

Use lead and soldering iron and make short some legs according to the diagram.

China phones keypad and Screen power solution 

Use connecting wire and tap light from the led at the keypad according to the second picture below

If you get the connection right the test the China phone and see the screen light working.

This has been tested on our workshop before dropping it as a post.

If you don’t get the picture clear use the comment box.

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Amos libuda said…
When You Connect This. Lcd And Keypad are Power Off On Same Time? Amos Libuda From Malawi