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Wordpress dashboard widgets not responding

Wordpress dashboard widgets not responding

Wordpress dashboard widgets not responding or some parts disappear; have you experience this kind of problem? If yes how did you go about it? Did you succeed in fixing it?

Just like android phones apps that can malfunctions at times.

WordPress Dashboard >appearance > widgets not working.

I woke up one day only to find out that when I open my wordpress dashboard the widget right side has disappeared and the left side is not responding in dashboard. I google it up till two hours but all the suggestion is to remove plugins.

Each plugin I have in my word press is important and for a purpose. How can I remove all of them. Others suggested to disable all which is not a good solution to me.
Wordpress dashboard widgets not responding

I notice this issue after upgrading to the latest wordpress.

How to fix widget not working

a. I disabled/ deactivate all the plugin and notice that the widget is working

b. I started activating the plugin one-by-one till I reached the one that is causing the issue. Because I needed this particular plugin I cannot leave it inactive or delete it.

c. I upgraded that particular plugin and alas everything is back to normal. So if you encounter this kind of problem just trace and upgrade the plugin that is responsible for widget hanging.

Stay glued as we make those difficult once easy for a layman to understand. Some think of impossibility so difficult but we think of impossible with a solution for a way out.

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