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Lenovo android A536 imei null/invalid solution

How to repair Lenovo A536 imei null/invalid.

Lenovo smart android phones is American based phones but the type of Lenovo we see here have been refurbished by china. So expect any kind of problems with this smart phone, ranging from restating, hanging, software corrupt to: Imei invalid.

This particular phone Lenovo A536 was brought to us for software problem with simcard slot broken. Unlike other MTK android smart phone flashing this phone (Lenovo A536) uses sp smart phone flashing tool but after flashing the phone to repair the imei becomes a bigger problem.

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How to flash Lenovo A536

 Charge the battery to 80%.
 Check the phone back that is beside the battery to know the particular model.
 Go the website and download the phone flash file.

Note: There will be may phone files just download the first or last rom on the series.
 Down load SP tool flash software and MTK drivers and install on Pc.
 Extract Lenovo A536 downloaded file.
 Open your SP tool and locate scatter file inside the downloaded Lenovo A536 flash file.

 Select the scatter file.
 Press and power button while you connect your Lenovo A536 to computer wait till the process shows green square and good mark. Your phone has completed.
Power the Lenovo A536 and allow it some time to reboot.
Check the imei by dialing *#06# to see imei invalid.

How to repair Lenovo android imei .

Lenovo android A536 imei null/invalid solution

This particular operation requires miracle box to be precise.
a. Get your miracle box ready
b. Power off your Lenovo android smart phone (Lenovo A536)
c. Click miracle box interface and press Ctrl + M on your keyboard to bring up imei repair options.
c. Select Mt6582 on miracle box interface
e. Input your Lenovo imei in miracle interface.
f. Connect Lenovo A536 through USB while is still power off.
g. Allow the miracle box sometimes to repair the imei internally.

viola your Lenovo is back and working again!

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