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Motorola droid Xt1080m power problem

Motorola droid Xt1080m power problem.

How to fix Motorola ultra max power problem
In one of our articles, we have indicated the advantages and disadvantages of in-built battery android smart phone.
Here comes another type of its kind. The common problem these set of smart android phones use to have is battery problem. In most countries where power outage is common like Nigeria, charging this type of phone uniformly becomes a big issue.

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How to repair to Motorola DROID MAX not power.

Step 1
Try and charge the Motorola droid max for some times. Whether is charging or not just leave it on the socket for like 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 2
If step one does fix it is time to work. Get these tools ready:
a. Star screwdriver
b. Picker
c. Tape and blade
d. Multimeter
e. Adaptor/boaster
f. Connecting wire

Step 3
Loose the phone completely, remove the battery terminal flex.

Step 4
Carefully use connecting wire and connect the battery positive and negative terminals according to picture below.

Motorola droid xt1080m power solution

Step 5
Connect the two terminals of the battery to the adapter or voltage boaster +ve and –ve respectively. Allow it for 2 to 3 hours.

Step 6
Use digital multimeter to check if the battery voltage is up to 4.20v. if yes then plug your battery to the ultra driod max board and power the phone.

Motorola droid xt1080m power solution

Motorola droid xt1080m power solution

Note: You have to take precautions as remove and clip Motorola XT1080m battery flex to avoid damaging the flex. You may damage the battery in the process.

Alas the phone is back and working.

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