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K-Touch Touch 3 Hard reset

K-Touch Touch 3 Hard reset

Once you have a phone workshop then expert to see any type of phone coming your way. So you have to equip yourself in many ways to tackle some of the problems.

You see all type of android smart phone here and there, why because google android app is free for download and installation.  All you need to do is change to little structure and design of your product download the android app and install and throw it to the market.

K Touch Touch 3 hard reset

K Touch Touch 3 hard reset

But if you country has some standard it may not be easy for you.

K-Touch Touch 3 android smart phone hard rest

Step 1

Charge your battery for about 80%.

Step 2

Press and hold volume up and power button for about 10 seconds. Release the power button but still hold volume up till fastboot mode appears.

Step 2

Use volume down or volume up to select and power to ok.

Step 3

Ok wipe data / user with power button

Step 4

Wait for factory reset to complete before you touch the phone at this stage you phone K-touch has being hard reset.

Second solution

  • Go to Start Application list Settings.

  • Then scroll to the bottom and choose About.

  • Tap on Reset your phone.

  • To confirm the reset tap Yes.

Note: Remember to backup in fastboot mode with your mmc in case something goes wrong and your smart phone K-Touch bricked. is not responsible for your bricked android.

You do this at your own risk!

Always backup in case you get bricked android.

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