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China phones no service, no network or searching

China phones no service, no network or searching solution, If there is network bars, Calls will not connect and balance can't display. eg. Tecno T340.

There are set of phones we call china phones or disposable phones.

These phones are so called in the sense that you cannot trace the company that manufacture the phone or you hardly see the phone parts in the market.

Just as indicated in the article where china phone shows on screen or lcd illegal use, will be powered off soon.

This problem is also peculiar as many china phone end up with no service and no solution.

Whether is original phone or china phone they have their own problems ranging from no service to no power.  What we do every day is to find the solution to the numerous problems phones develop.

You can wake up one day to see your china phone displaying searching no matter the sim inside the phone. Don’t worry the  solution here.

  1. Check the sim jackets.

  2. Dial #06# and check if the imei is invalid

  3. Loose the phone, clean with methanol and apply light heat from rework station.

  4. Check if you can find the exact phone to copy the file from the phone and flash the faulty one.

Here you can only backup “nv flash file”.

After all this solution, but it is still writing no service or searching,  then is time to do the real work.

According to the diagram below

China phone network solution

Find any scrap china phone that look alike then locate the smaller ic on the board. Remove the smaller ic with the machine called rework station according to the diagram and replace it on no service or searching phone.

Good your phone is back with full signal and working.

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