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Itel 1556 plus hard reset and frp remove

Itel 1556 plus hard reset and google account remove

 itel 1556 hard reset and google account removal

We are getting the best technology. This type of technology comes with good and bad. As the engineers derive complicated way of their design in technology so technicians find tricky way to follow them. We have different types of android smartphones in the market:- ranging from Nexus to Google to Samsung to infinix to tecno and itel.
Itel has a peculiar features from other android in the sense that the chip(microcontroller) is SPD ie Spreadtrum. Because of this feature this particular type of phone is not always easy to work with.
As a technician you have to apply some tricks in order to fix this particular smartphone.

How to reset or remove password from itel 1556 plus

First Method

a) Charge your itel 1556 plus battery to about 80%.
b) Power off the itel 1556 plus and leave it for about 2 minutes.
c) Power on the phone while your finger is close to Volume down. As soon as itel logo shows press and hold volume down.
d) Continue holding the down until fastboot mode with triangle sign appears.
e) Use volume down or Volume up to choose wipe data or user.
f) Press power button to ok the selected option.
g) Use the Volume up or Volume down to select Yes
h) Use the power button to ok it again.

Give the itel 1556 plus sometimes to erase and format. After this action the phone will reboot.

Second Method

itel 1556 hard reset and reset google account

itel 1556 hard reset and reset google account

Power the itel 1556 plus on and allow it to boot completely.
 Click menu
 Locate settings
 Locate Security
 Locate reset/wipe option
 Choose reset everything
 Enter your password
 Wait the phone to complete the action.

When the phone reboots and shows menu you are done. Otherwise you have a bricked phone.

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