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UFS3 Box and Flashing

UFS3 is one of the oldest phone flasing box just like Jaf Box but the advatage of UFS3 box is that it can be used for different kind of phones unlike the latter.

Presently the flashing box can be activated to work with most recent phones including android 


How to activate UFS3 box

open ufs panel.

scan box.

check box.

update box finish.

Go to software section.

check server.

Install all the necessary missing files.

UFS3 box android supports

Unlike Cyclone Box Those users with these kind of UFS3 boxes UFST and UFS Turbo Only can supports the following androids.

G360AZ, G531F, G531H, G531M, G531Y, T239, T239M, T561M, T561Y, T562 404SC, G920R6, G920R7, G925R6, G925R7, J5008, J500F, J7008

Use google to check for others phones.
How to flash phone with UFS3 Box

Activate your UFS3 box.

Download UFS3 box software or Jaf box PKEY emulator.

Connect the Box with the connect button.
UFS3 UFS phone flashing

Open the back of the Nokia and check for these informations:




Use the information to download the flashfile of the phone. Save the file where you will remember and ensure that you extract the file.

Check the cable that will match the phone.

From the picture click check the phone.

Click load the MCU.

Click load the PPM.

Click load the CNT.

You can add the PM if necessary.

Then click Flashing.

If you are connecting through USB cable the case is different because USB box must be checked. Having got the basic idea on how to use the UFS3 box it can also be used for other function like:

Nokia network unlock.

To reset Nokia, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, etc security code.

This particular flashing Box is good for formatting phone that is when phone memory is cluster and the phone is hanging or lagging. Then this tool is good for that.

Upcoming Sony Ericsson FlashTool.

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