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Jaf Box and Flashing

JAF  Box is a device connect to computer with a software for flashing mainly Nokia phones. It can also read the nokia password and unlock the network. This device is just like Volcano boxMiracle Box and Cyclone Box. The box is so powerful that it has lasted for years.

How to Use Jaf Box

  1. buy Jaf box and the PKey dongle.

  2. First Download JAF Software.

  3. You can use PKEY emulator.

  4. Extract and install Jaf box software.

  5. Also install the PKey driver or use emulator.

  6. Lets test a DCT4 phone like Nokia 2630c

  7. Since you have installed the Box succefully then just get a Jaf direct cable for Nokia 2630c and connect the phone to computer.

  8. Check the image below and tick user code edit

Jaf interface

The password of the phone will show. Otherwise click factory reset button. If you follow the instruction carefully your phone will reset to default factory.

Jaf Box Nokia BB5 Flashing

Unlike the DCT4 Nokia phone Jaf Box flashing BB5 is different in the sense that it uses another software interface. According to the image below.

Jaf BB5 flashng


  1. Lets take Nokia 5130c to flash for example.

  2. Find the match cable from Jaf Box cables.

  3. Connect the phone to the Jaf Box.

  4. Go online and download the particular flash file.

  5. Extract the flash file and look for MCU, PPM and CNT.

  6. Click check button to ensure phone is connected.

  7. Load MCU, PPM and CNT following the arrow directions.

  8. Check other boxes according to the arrow directions.

  9. If everything is ready then click flash button.

  10. Wait for a while why your phone complete flashing.

If you follow the instruction accordingly then you have succeeded in flashing your Nokia 5130c.

Jaf Box and PKey can also be used for Nokia network unlock and to repair dead Nokia phone. Is very good in Flashing Nokia.

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