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Itel P33 plus Hanging on logo solution.

Itel Hanging Solution

Itel is a nice smartphone and cheap. Like any other android phones it develops a funny problem sometimes. Here in we always come with first class information and solution. You can signup for our course here if interested.

A customer came with Itel p33 plus hanging on the logo. I flashed this phone for about 3 times still same problem. After this I was able to discover that to fix that problem the steps will be taken.

1. Charge the phone to around 80%.

2. Download the phone flash file.

3. Remember to backup the phone firmware.

4. Flash the phone with Dongle or UpdateDownload tool or ResearchDownload tool.

Watch the Video Here.

5. After flashing and the phone is still hanging, check and change the LCD.

Download Itel P33 plus working firmware here.

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