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How to Remove Security Plugin II Bypass Easy Buy II Bypass Easy Loan on any Android phone.

How to Remove Security Plugin

To Remove Security Plugin or Admin App in any Android 8, 9, 10 , 11, 12

Follow the instructions carefully.

If a security plugin is installed on your device Admin with the full privilege to monitor the device and any app running in the device, this simply means your device is loaned.

When you finish your payment you will have the App disabled!

How do I disable PalmPay security plugin? 
How do I disable security plugin? 
How do I uninstall PalmPay plugins? 

 See the Video instructions here

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Domionbase said…
Can flashing of phone solve this security plugin issue when your phone is locked by palmpay of eazybuy?
Unknown said…
Boss It didn't work on my phone (cammon 18p). Do have any other idea to try?