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How to buy Anything from Jumia.

 Jumia is an online shopping platform that supplies all your needs. They sell both goods and services for any consumer. If you want it both hardware or software you can get it from here.

How to buy a product from jumia online store.

1. Create a free delivery account from here.

2. You can signUp with gmail or facebook account.

3. The beauty about Jumia is that their product is cheap.

4. After account signup and verification check here for anything you want.

5. Open or download Jumia App to your phone and use this code to buy cheaper.

6. When you browse through the website or app and see a product you like add it to your cart to make payment later.

7. After registration Jumia will give you a bonus worth #5k if you use the code.

8. My friend was surprise when he ordered a product so where at 18k and see the same product in Jumia at 5k after using this promo code. 

   Jumia Promo Code.

9. Jumia sells cooked food to used laptop with brand new.

Get all Jumia Products here 

a. free Delivery code here.

b. Free May Voucher Code here.

c. Free Grocery Categories Code here.

d. Free Health and Beauty Categories Code here.

e. Free Mobile Smart Phones and Tablets Code here

f. Free Code for TVs and Audio Categories at cheap rate Code here.

g. Free Small and Other appliances like solar pressing iron Code here.

h. Get Fee Men fashion and Women Fashion Bonus Code from here and here.

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