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Abdroid Phone browse and download file but chat not working

Phone Browse not chat

Don't be surprised if you buy new android phone and face problem. Some may be manufactured configuration while others may be individual configuration. In the cause of our solution we have written in details how you can setup your new android phone. 

We have also told you how select a smartphone within your budget and the type of phone you can go for. Always visit our blog for updated solutions. 
As we are on the field, fixing phone daily, new problem keep on coming. 

There is this particular issue where an android phone can browse, download files, download apps from Play Store, but cannot chat. You can downlaod the social media install it but the phone cannot chat. It neither send none receive social media messages. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, instagram etc not working.
Here, is the solution of browse phone but cannot chat.

1. Charge your phone to around 80%.
2. Do not reset whether hard reset or soft reset.
3. Open the phone menu look for permission under setting and check if everything is ok.
4. Open Menu, go to settings, go to google ads, go to data $ msg management. Check also data $ connections.
5. Enable (under data & msg management) the key switch. Select update/browse with Data/WIFI.

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