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Phone terms, People misconception and Truth from Engineers.

The truth about smartphones

Technology gadgets has come to stay and development increase everyday. It no longer news that awesome gadgets keep coming out and people are careless about reading the manual and always keep terms and condition. If you have started using phone for long you agree with me that this have taken us through many rough rides.

We started from old Nokia 3310 to complicate the latest Android and Apple each phone comes with operating system that may even take us time to understand and operate effectively.

In one of my many articles I written the detail on what you will do before or after buying smartphone. This post generated a lot of views and global clap.

Yeah today I want to educate us on the need to understand the right terms used for phone

Most the common problems associated with our phone during maintenance may be a result of our wrong usage.
When you hear some people describe the Phone problems you will wonder is this people from this planet Earth.

Some of the terms used by phone users

1. China phones

In many African countries disposable phones called China phones find their way in. This is so because the so called standard organisation is not working or full of quacks. So anybody can go China and anything more phone bring it to Africa.
When it comes to China phones there are some polar and durable phones regarded as China phones. The bottom line here is that any phone a little support it also boy down phones that have fake pass or not at all in the market a China food is not actually is cheap.

2. My phone fell in water.

They are widely speculations phone fell in water spread it in the Sun. I wonder what you are drying, it could be that you are drying the battery and phone plastic parts. Be that as it may, if your phone fell in water or any liquid: the first you will do is remove the battery and take the phone apart or find the nearest phone technician. Water damage the components in the phone panel/ board and not outer surface. The panel need to be cleaned and dried.

3. There is splash on my screen, can you clean it.

I can't help but laugh about this particular one. Liquid on your screen/LCD surface may dry but cleaning No. If the plastic part of the liquid is where the dirt is, it can be cleaned or replaced. If the liquid affect the glass itself, the only solution is to change the screen or you manage it that way.

4. Effect of over charging phone.

I have heard this time without number till now I don't know how to interpret this. Well if your phone, battery and charger are in good working condition, as soon as your phone battery is 100% charged, the charger disconnect automatically.
in order to make phone charge better, battery last long, stuck to the original charger only. Don't plug in your phone anywhere you see charger. 

5. Flash or Reprogram Phones.

Many people are scared of this but this is inevitable in some cases.
If you phone has a software or bug issues it must be repaired by flashing when all other methods have failed.
So people believe that flashing can kill phone. Well may be true if the phone has a RAM problem and is mistaken flashed. Flashing can brick phone if wrong rom or firmware is used. If your phone has OS problem, if you flash it 100 times the phone will still work normal.
There are other measures you suppose take before flashing a phone.

6. Touch Problem

I have written in dept articles about this here but still want to remind us on this issue. Depends on the phone and technician involved, most phones that have touch screen actual have no separate touch but screen only.
So even if the touch glass is damaged the calibration will still work. Us left for you to change it or not. Flashing some MTK and SPD phones cause screen touch issues. You can use another file to repair them.

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