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Samsung Galaxy J5 FRP Bypass and Google Account Reset

Samsung Galaxy J5 FRP Bypass and Google Account Reset

What is FRP?

Factory Reset Protection is a security method used by Google to protect a third party email login after Android phone is reset before flashed. 

When you buy a new android phone before you have access to play store where you can download apps you must Sign in using an existing gmail or create a new one. 

If Samsung J5 Prime Hangs on installing follow this solution

This gmail account you entered at this stage serves as the original gmail account to the particular android. The function of FRP is to protect unauthorized gmail to be used unless the original gmail account.

If you follow below steps, within some minutes Samsung J5 FRP will be removed.

1. Charge your phone and connect to wifi or hotspot. 

2. Tap on more it WiFi interface. 

3. Try to ADD another network and type "google" on enter password area.

4. Activate or tick "show password box", highlight and select the letters you type. 

5. There will be "Cut", "Copy"and "ASSIST" click on assist and wait for a while. 

6. This will take you to google search engine. 

7. Type " chrome " on google search bar.

8. Open chrome click  on searchbar and type 

9. Select FRP on the menu ans search for Samsung GAM and FRP Bypass app.

10. Download Google Account Manager and FRP Bypass login

11. Install Google Account Manager followed by FRP Bypass login. 

12. Open FRP login tap 3 dots up, tap ok and put new email address. 

13. When the email address connects and return to previous screen then restarts your phone and this time you can skip FRP.

Setup and configure your phone because FRP is gone.

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