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Infinix X551 Hot Note Android Fake Charging Solution

Android phones behave funny a times. Imagine your phone shows charging but the battery bar is not adding. In some cases the battery will start reducing. just like when your android phone shows memory full but nothing is inside. 

I need solution for my infinix hote note x551. It's charging but not increasing.
This process of not retaining voltage is called Fake Charging.

How to fix Infinix Android Fake charging.

1. Loose the phone and check for liquid on the panel.

2. Use liquid cleanser and clean if any.

3. Check the USB charging port and change if bad.

4. Test and see if the phone is charging and retains voltage.

5. If not change the Charging Flex if any and check.

6. If still not work, look for DM DP points and check for short, clean the area.

7. At this stage if still not work, look for Zener diode of 6.8Volts and short Vch/Vbus and Vbatt points.

Done clap for yourself.

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