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Tecno F2 LTE google account reset

Tecno F2 google account reset
  • Charge the Tecno F2
  • Insert Simcard on Tecno F2
  • Power on the Tecno F2.
  •  Connect Tecno F2 to internet by entering your wifi password (Optional).
  • From Home screen tap emergency and click on EMERGENCY INFORMATION.
  •  Click on the pencil icon upper left.
  • Add a contact or select existing contact.
  • Open to view contact added then options>share>message
  • Type message like Hi and send to the contact number.
  • Look up and click call icon.
  •  Dial pad will appear then dial this code *#*#4636#*#*.
  •  Hidden menu will appear then select on usage stats.
  •  Click the back arrow at the upper left then enter settings.
  • In Settings scroll down to Storage and click on your memory card.
  • Install Google Manager anf Login FRP Bypass app you downloaded earlier.

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Alas you have bypassed Tecno F2 FRP and reset the google account
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