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How to repair Nokia 225 RM-1011 off and restarts during calls

Nokia 225 rm-1011 off and restart when calling or receiving. 

The you have this kind of problem where Nokia phone restarts only during calls. We have posted related problem here, like Nokia 210 off during calls.

Many people don't know about this solution which is simply. We have two method to repair 

Nokia 225 restarts during calls.

First Method 

Download Miracle Box crack here.

Download Nokia 130 driver here.

Install the Nokia 130 driver.

Extract and open Miracle Box crack.

From picture below select ... format.

Connect your Nokia 225 to computer through USB cable.

Remove battery and reinsert it.

Press format and wait for your phone to format finish.

Power your Nokia 225 with battery inside, try and make calls to see if the phone will restart.

If it continues the use second method.

Second method.

Find Nokia phone me screw driver.

Open the phone back cover.

Remove battery, remove Simcard, remove mmc.

Loose the Nokia 225, remove the phone earpiece.

Assemble the phone back without nuts. 

Insert Simcard and make calls.

Calls can go now without phone restarts. 

So change your Nokia 225 earpiece.

Problem solved.

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