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Itel 1409 FRP bypass and Google Account reset.

Itel 1409 FRP bypass and Google Account reset.

Itel 1409 is just like every other Android phone that is on security patch. Android keeps on bright measures on how to make the security standard. We at always upgrade to meet up the latest security patch of Android phones.

Remember this method on how to bypass FRP/reset Google Account on itel 1409 is for personal usage and not for any other thing. The sole responsibility If any thing goes wrong doesn't concern zamdtek please follow our instructions line by line to ensure that there is no mistake.

How to bypass FRP and reset Google Account on Itel 1409

1. Charge your battery to around 80%

2. Power on itel 1409 FRP phone and connect to WiFi or another phone hotspot

3. Ensure you WiFi or hotspot is working or insert SIM with data to phone

4. Boot the phone to synchronize google account screen.

5. Press and hold home button for a while to enter google page.

6. Type chrome in Google Search bar and select chrome.

7. Active chrome by using "no thanks".

8. Type and download google account manager.

   Download Google account manager from here

9. Type and download FRP bypass app from here.
    Download FRP bypass login here

10. Install the Google Account manager immediately after download and the FRP bypass app also.

11. Open the itel1409 FRP bypass app and tap the three dots upper right

12. Enter any existing account or create new Google Account.

13. Switch of WiFi or hotspot source and restart your Itel1409.

14. The FRP is gone and you can now activate your Android phone.

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